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The firm will only accept projects that align with its purpose and principles.


Impact level is best for those who are looking for professional services on a project basis with a value-based fee. Each contractual agreement will contain a clause requiring payment upon reaching specific targets and client goals.


An Alliance level client is a sponsor of projects and initiatives developed internally by FNGA. There will be a variety of financial sponsorship opportunities to support FNGA projects and meet sponsor objectives.


A Public level client is a national government pursuing advances in brain science and health. They would receive strategic advice on issues consistent with FNGA’S purpose and principles. This strategic advice is offered at no cost due to the urgent need to prioritize neuroscience in the public arena.


A Premier level client is engaged on a retainer basis. To ensure the highest level of service, this client segment will be limited to twenty-five (25) premier retainer agreements. FNGA will negotiate a value-based fee with clients for individual projects, and the fee will be reduced by the retainer and applicable discount below.

  • Premier clients have direct access to FNGA leadership.

  • For the first year of engagement, the retainer contains a 100% money-back guarantee for any remaining amount. There is no penalty for requesting the return of the retainer during this initial year of service.

  • The premier client market consists of eight different types of client, ranging from patient advocacy groups to hedge funds, as well as from universities to pharmaceutical companies.

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