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These projects create opportunities for alliance clients to meet their own objectives while supporting the goals of FNGA. In addition, projects will begin on a timeline that is sustainable within the resources of FNGA.


  1. The Fattah Neuroscience Initiative Legacy Projects, B.R.A.I.N. and National Science Foundation, Brain research efforts will benefit from a strategic campaign to bolster the support of policy makers at the federal level. 

  2. Alzheimer’s disease and brain cancer research: The firm will design a resource development plan to raise an additional one (1) billion dollars to fund research for prevention and treatment. 

  3. Lead an effort to establish an international brain research and funding approach among and between nations where the population dependency ratio has negatively affected their individual national credit rating. 

  4. Educate and engage policy makers from diverse sectors to the urgent need for innovative progress in neuroscience. 

  5. Lead efforts to build meaningful agreements, consortiums, funding arrangements on prevention and treatments of brain diseases and disorders unrelated to dementia (e.g. MS, Epilepsy, Autism, Depression, PTSD, Bipolar, Schizophrenia...) 

  6. FNGA plans to create a Neuroscience IP portfolio. This IP will be purchased or in-licensed into a wholly owned subsidiary. 

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