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About our Briefings

Each of our briefings focuses on a specific area of brain science for the purposes of increasing awareness about leading scientific breakthroughs and research.  Notable scientists and doctors from across the world share and discuss their latest findings during our briefings seeking community partnership and collaboration to change and improve the lives of thousands across the globe.  Both the lives of the impaired as well as their caretakers await the transformation afforded by these latest discoveries.  In many cases the practical application of these new scientific revelations offer a benefit to communities worldwide.

Enjoy this highlight reel (above) or watch complete briefings you can select by date from the Projects tab in our menu.  If you seek to support, partner or collaborate with Fattah Neuroscience in future briefings or you would like to discuss the potential of working together on specific projects we invite you to reach out and send us a message at the bottom of this page.

Let’s Work Together

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